Thursday, April 3, 2008

All aboard the straight talk express?!

As the presidential race heats up, I have been avidly reading at various blog sites and forums as I'm sure do many of you. In doing so, I came across some information that disturbed me greatly. There were a few postings stating that the esteemed Senator's campaign slogan is for sale. While this may be a bit misleading, in essence it's true. I typed in into my browser only to find the domain for sale. These same postings allude to the Dems making purchase and using this site to slam McCain. A practice we all know fits right in with the Dems way of politics.
My fellow McCain supporters, this is a call to action for us. We cannot in good conscience allow this to happen. Whether the campaign is aware of this oversight or not, it is up to us to correct it. We must either bring this to the attention of the proper individuals in the Senator's campaign or take it upon ourselves to get this site into the right hands and used to promote the good Senator's chances at Presidency.
One cannot listen to any newscast on radio or tv or read any news publication without seeing the references and mentions of The Straight Talk Express. It is imperative that the campaign slogan of Senator McCain be used to honor his service and his campaign and not fall to the dissenters to be used in a smear attack.
I ask each of you to seriously consider how you can approach this issue to support Senator McCain. To quote "united we stand, divided we fall", we must not let such a small aspect to become a dividing factor among us and to mislead those who have not yet decided.